Passion for sea and nature!

The passion for sea and nature takes us to Castelsardo in 2015, when we land there in April by sailing boat, greeted by an explosion of colors, aromas and flavours.
The beauty and tranquility of the place combined with the simplicity and special hospitality of the local people, conquer us more and more and in 2017 we decided to take home and move.
Since a long time in contact with people for work, we try to welcome tourists and vacationers, and to advise them so that they can spend an unforgettable holiday.
And for lovers of sailing there is the opportunity to combine the passion for this sport with the comfort of the apartment!

A little bit of us

Oscar is skipper and sailing instructor; he had his sailing school, Laboratorio Nautico, and collaborated with several other sailing schools with his boat, teaching and transmitting his great passion for sailing to the crews who change season after season.
Martina, after a long season in the charter, as sailor and hostess, she also dedicated herself teaching sailing, creating a sports association, the Wild Sail, and then collaborating with the Gran Lasco sailing club in Rome. Thanks to Marco and Stefano, her brothers shipwright and carpenter, she has the opportunity to sail on Vistona, an auric cutter from 1937, an experience she will never forget … and which advises to everyone!

With us, many other friends like the Lega Navale di Castelsardo that keep us company with their beautiful boats …

… and the journey begins!